Scitex RIP - Scitex TIFF Catcher

Xitron’s Scitex RIP kit and Scitex TIFF catcher drive the following Scitex imagesetters:


  • Scitex Dolev 200, 250
  • Scitex Dolev 400, 450, 450F
  • Scitex Dolev 2-Press, 2-Press+, 4-News, 4-NewsVXL, 4-Press, 4-PressV, 4-PressVXL
  • Scitex Dolev 800, 800V


Replacement interfaces are available for the Xitron Navigator RIP, RTI RIP, Compose Systems RIP, and Xitron Raster Blaster TIFF Catcher.


Scitex RIP Kit