Heidelberg RIP - Heidelberg TIFF Catcher

Xitron’s Heidelberg RIP kit and Heidelberg TIFF Catcher (Raster Blaster) replace Heidelberg RIP and workflow components such as the Heidelberg MetaDimension. Harlequin RIPs and workflows, Adobe workflows, and Raster Blaster TIFF Catchers are available for the following models:


  • Herkules Pro, Pro M, NP, Basic, Elite
  • Quasar 3020, 3030
  • Primesetter 74, 102
  • TopSetter 74, P74, 102, P102, PF102
  • Trendsetter 3230, 3244, 400 Quantum, 400, 4557, 5067, 5080, 5467, 5880 [Standard (S), Fast (F), and Very Fast (V)] 8-up 800 Quantum, 800, VLF=VLF (SCSI)
  • Prosetter P52, P74, PF74, P102, PF102


Heidelberg QMDI RIP and QMDI TIFF Catcher

The Heidelberg QMDI RIP kit and QMDI TIFF Catcher use software "plug-in" to communicate to the press. They do not require a USB interface.


  • Heidelberg Quickmaster DI, GTO DI


Heidelberg RIP Kit